Management Consulting

Broad areas include HR, Organizational Re-design, Alliances, Strategic Plans, BPR exercises, Customer Management processes, choosing right people for key positions and Diligence/Audits of the various processes in the company.

Technical Consulting

BPO and Banking/Financial Industry Consultant to Siemens Information Systems Limited, Siemens Shared Services (P) Ltd. and i-flex Technologies

Business Consulting

Executive Development Programmes (EDPs), Graduate Engineer Trainees, Departmental Heads Continuing Education Programme, Software Enterprise Management Programme, Business Leaders


Through interesting stories and anecdotes, Ramesh brings to the fore needs and ways to explore, execute and exceed expectations for teams and individuals in the Corporate setup. Short, informative and thought-provoking, these videos for the Corporate Professional of today are filled with ideas for Individual and Team Progression.


Sales & Marketing Training

Needs Analysis, aligning Sales Goals with Performance, Managing Time/Targets/Territories — everything to help your Sales & Marketing team acquire that extra edge.

Soft skills training

Supervision, Delegation, Motivation, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Coaching & Mentoring — everything matters, and matters much more than the job-related skills.