We have been there, done that and can be trusted
to judge, perceive or tell it like it is. Our experience
is a rich tapestry of tales, fables and anecdotes.

About i.e.,

i.e., is the original latin phrase “id est”, which translates to “that is”. When used in a sentence, it suggests an interpretation and/or elaboration of what has been said. We at i.e., believe that interpretation and elaboration are also the defining deliverables of our business. Our ambitions are well encapsulated by our by-line: Factors. Methods. Trends.

    • Factors of Management ensure force multiplication
    • Methods embedded in technology guarantee consistency and efficiency
    • Trends in the market place provide valuable feedback for course correction



We started our journey in 1997 and continue to be fascinated by the iterative relationship between Training and Consulting. We have discovered the process by which they embellish each other. Consulting provides us with real world examples and opportunities to apply our experience and expertise. All such retained learning become processes and frameworks that get tested in our training programmes. Training and Consulting are indeed inseparables.

Training, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring span all our activities. We have worked with over 40 companies spanning Marketing, Management and Technology domains. We have delivered over 300 workshops that have impacted 6000 individual careers. We put our industry experiences to customize outcomes and help fine tune customer objectives.

About Ramesh Srinivasan

A post-graduate in Management from XLRI, Ramesh has 17 years of work experience at HCL Group, ICIM and Digital Equipment. In 1997, he founded i.e., a firm that offers Corporate Training, Management Consulting and Executive Coaching services to leading corporates.

In his stint as an acclaimed Executive Coach, Ramesh has completed extensive assignments in Coaching CXO-level executives at 20 companies, With over 2500 hours of Executive Coaching under his belt, he counts over 50 Senior Managers who will readily acknowledge the difference he has made to their professional and personal lives.

He is a Certified Facilitator for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™, Blackblot Product Management Methodology and the Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques of Kepner-Fourie. He is also a visiting faculty at IIM-B and conducts courses for practicing managers.

He has conducted several workshops for leading Software Companies in India and has trained over 8000 professionals in Senior and Middle Management positions. He is also a much sought-after corporate speaker, and a facilitator for strategic planning for many a senior management team across India.