We have been there, done that and can be trusted to judge, perceive or tell it like it is. Our experience is a rich tapestry of tales, fables and anecdotes.

Ramesh's Speaker Profile

Ramesh’s approach and style are largely to do with interpreting and elaborating the factors that affect organizations, trends in the industry that the organizations need to watch out for and the methods that they can use to achieve their goals.


Almost all the anecdotal experiences shared in his training courses, coaching sessions, keynote speeches and videos/blogs emanate from his 17 years as a corporate executive, and the subsequent 17 years of working with MNCs and large Indian corporations as a strategic Consultant, Senior Executive Coach and Trainer.

Suggested topic areas:

  1. Managerial Effectiveness
  2. Leadership Presence
  3. Executive Excellence
  4. Power & Influence in Organizations
  5. Sales and Marketing – where is it headed?
  6. Building Customer driven companies
  7. Rationality in Managerial Decision Making
  8. Limitations of Corporations in building Individuals
  9. Individual’s responsibility in using the corporation
  10. Learning as a Team

And many more


Trailer-Are you a Jimmy?

Added 19 November 2015
Ensuring you get all that you deserve from your job.

Ensuring you get all that you deserve from your job.

Trailer-Being a Better Manager

Added 17 November 2015
Getting out of typical managerial traps

Getting out of typical managerial traps

Earn Your Stripes

Added 19 November 2015
Encash your value to the company

Encash your value to the company


Values – Podcast Series 1 of 5

Added 19 November 2015
Values on the Wall! What is it?

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Values – Podcast Series 2 of 5

Added 18 November 2015
How are Values useful?

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Values: Podcast Series: 3 of 5

Added 19 November 2015
What about my Values?

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Do Something!

The odd-even arrangement for private cars on Delhi roads has brought appreciation from some quarters for the authorities “doing something” about pollution on the roads. This is in line with a popular admonishment we have heard often in many other contexts – “Don’t just stand there; Do something.”

Kids Play Start-Ups

We have seen this at all our homes. Kids, about 5-6 years old, get their toys together and play ‘House, House’. The kids’ play is loosely based on what they have seen adults do at their respective homes. It is always a pleasure to watch them play. Elders at home will do well not to intrude unless necessary..

The Delhi Lessons

Everybody is stunned by the massive victory that AAP has had in Delhi. This kind of a sweeping majority is not possible, unless every citizen who voted, irrespective of caste, age, social background, education, income group or religion..