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Management Consulting

We believe that effective management rests on the tripod of Strategy, HR and Marketing. Hence our services are spread across these three major areas. A few specific heads of intervention are as below:

  • All activities pertaining to effective running of software companies
  • Includes Audit/Assessment, Due Diligence of Products, Markets, Technologies, Customers, Processes
  • Entire gamut of HR practices and procedures for software companies including:
    • Recruitment
    • Individual Development Plans
    • Organization Development Initiatives
    • Sharing and implementation of Industry Best Practices
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Making Business & Marketing Plans
  • Defining/clarifying roles/responsibilities at both Individual and Department levels
  • Providing Consulting in the area of Knowledge Management
  • Part of founding team, and Director of Binary Essentials, a VC-funded company for providing Training and Consulting services to IT Companies
  • Doing Training Needs Analysis
  • Delivering soft skills programmes in the areas of Teaming, Leadership, Values, Change Management, Customer Service, Assertiveness, and similar related areas
  • Designed and delivered a 3-credit Course on “Learning Organizations” at Essae Chandran Institute for the Executive MBAs