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Sales & MarketingCustomer ServiceLeadershipManagerial EffectivenessStrategy MakingBest Practices
Managing Large AccountsService Excellence – steps and gapsServant LeadershipTeam Learning in OrganizationsThinking StrategyManagement of Self
Sales Mgmt– Components and RulesCustomer centric Product definitionOrganization – Organism or Machinery?First Time managers – Time tested adviceStrategic IntentManagement of Team
Marketing MythsListening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC)Leadership – Art, Science, Magic or Myth?Strategic Influence at the workplaceStrategy Making for Business UnitsProblem Solving – Look within and without
Roles and Goals of Sales ProfessionalsCo-creating services with customersHuman Sciences in ManagementManager as a CoachCross-functional buy-in for strategiesTechnology and business – is there a connect?
Best Practices in Sales & MarketingMetrics for customer satisfactionCorporations as Social UnitsCreativity in BusinessThe Art of ExecutionTechnical to Market connect
Strategic SellingMass Customization in Customer ServiceIrrationality in Decision MakingDecision Making – Process & QualityBalancing Strategy and TacticsMarket driven Technology products
Creating Superior Perceived Value (SPV) in your MarketsThe User-Buyer ContinuumBeing a LeaderEmployee EngagementBuilding Strategies for highly competitive marketsProduct Management for Services companies
Should Marketing replace selling?Business Planning for Customer ServiceVisioning & Setting the DirectionDoing as a Manager DoesBuilding a Market StrategyThe Art of Asking Questions
The four happenings in the history of SalesService Professional – Roles & GoalsBuilding a Shared VisionManaging superstars in your teamStrategy and Organization structureGoal setting and Performance Management

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