Coaching has two components. One, to build the Executive’s Awareness of his/her Potential. Two, to improve the Executive’s Performance to levels that are as close to their Potential as possible. Aristotle calls this Potential- Performance gap as Entelechy. Our Executive Coaching will relentlessly focus on Entelechy, to help the individual Executive take Responsibility for his/her own improvement.

There is probably no intervention that is even half as effective as those made at the top of the organizational hierarchy. People managers at any level of the organization need simultaneously to be leaders. The challenge is to balance organizational goals with personal aspirations.

  • Typically, for Senior management, Team members, CXOs who are seeking to:
    • Re-clarify professional and personal goals
    • Connect with best practices elsewhere
    • Find and generate choices for self, team and organization
    • Get out of a rut, move quickly to the next level
    • Identify and get rid of performance inhibitors
    • Need help with dysfunctional teams
  • Maximizing potential of key performers is the main objective
  • Coaching should be part of every manager’s skills repository
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