We question, we are continually in inquiry mode, and are constantly inquisitive. Our references are hence well-deserved.Once detached, our trainees/customers are very well on their own, because they have imbibed a part of us.

  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Effective Thinking Strategies
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Consulting Skills
Mere managers do not go far in their careers unless they can graduate to become leaders. They need a toolbox of readily usable skills that will cut through the jungle of theories and concepts on Leadership.
  • Power Base Selling
  • Large Account Management Programme
  • Consultative Team Selling Programme
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Sales Management Workshop
  • Service Excellence Workshop
  • Internal Customers
  • Winning Large Deals
  • Marketing Positioning

Just as scouts in a war provide nuanced information for effective positioning in battles, the sales professionals are increasingly being asked to feed insightful market information back into the management ranks. Customer facing professionals need to rejuvenate themselves periodically in our Sales Schools. This will ensure that they to continue to have terrific dexterity to do both: talking to the customer about us and telling us all that is happening in the market.

  • Service Excellence
  • Understanding Service Quality
  • Improving Service Processes
  • Customer Relationship Management — A Systems Perspective
  • Service — The BIG Revenue Opportunity

While sales transactions are aplenty, they could all come to naught if a few strategic/large deals are not clinched during every sales quarter. Winning large deals need far more thinking than doing. Strategically winning large deals will lead to long term profitable account relationships.

  • Developing IT Strategies
  • Building the Learning Organization
  • Managing Change
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Managerial Skills Workshop
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Teams in Action
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Retaining Valued Employees

Making market-driven Technology Products is all about following an on-going process that balances the market
requirements with product features, and unambiguously articulates the business value for the customer.

User orientation, Ethnography and Ergonomics have become more important than ever in making products. Design Thinking is a Market Requirement, way more important than a mere product feature.

i.e.consults brings to you an exciting new offering with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM to help you fast-track to real issues and transform the decision-making process.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAYTM is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Research shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, LEGO SERIOUS PLAYTM deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue — for everyone in the organization.


“The management team was overwhelmed by the convergence of opinions that was achieved, way beyond the typical and well-known preferences of the individuals. The models we built pushed us to think beyond risks, dependencies and constraints that are the staple of management discussions…

The positivity in the entire exercise was its greatest attraction…this made the aggregation of ideas more forward looking and energizing…

The final outcome of Simple Guiding Principles (SGPs) gave us enough scope to come up with our action plans based on very strong values and foundations…when in doubt, we could get back to the SGPs as our touchstone.”

 Srishti Software, Bangalore

“Some of the senior members were particularly impressed with the insightful and subtle facilitation-triggers used by you during the process. Our counselors practicing Art Therapy have had a reconfirmation of what that they are currently deploying and have gathered lots of new ideas to improve it further.”

– TTK Hospital, Chennai