Executive Coaching is an executive privilege. Reserved for those deserving candidates who are already at the top of their game, with more in the tank to do even better. It is all
about narrowing the gap between Performance and Potential.

Brief Overview of a Typical Executive Coaching Requirement

NewCo, a leading provider of specialized products and services across the world, desires to exploit its current strong presence in India by establishing world-class management and people leadership practices among their highly skilled work-force and managers in India.

Continually improving ways by which teams work with each other, and by allowing the star performers to soar high, the Senior Managers hope to successfully build a Leadership Pipeline at the firm. An exponential shift in the quality of Leadership is sought to be achieved by enabling the firm’s Senior Managers to rise to the challenge of becoming more professional in their perspective, and performing to these high standards.

Towards achieving these goals, it is proposed that we should:

A Few pointers on Best-in-Class Skills for Today’s Managers

The past Coaching assignments include numerous Senior Executives at levels of Senior Vice-Presidents, CXOs and Directors. The people I have coached are typically of 22+ years of work experience, and are running teams of sizes varying anywhere from 300 to 1200 people.

The on-going Coaching assignments comprise 8 CXO-level people (3 CEOs, 1 Executive Director, 2 Directors of Operations, 1 Director of Global Sales and 1 Deputy Managing Director) and 9 other Senior Executives at VP and Associate Director levels, across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.

The total Coaching experience aggregates to over 3500+ hours of Executive  Coaching.

The example areas of intervention that the Coaching assignments have addressed include the following six assignments that were completed over the last 8 months:

In keeping with the principles of Executive Coaching, all Coaching assignments have a metric that impacts organizational performance parameters. Typically, the person coached will end the assignment by making a presentation on a PAP (Personal Action Plan) to the Board of Directors and/or a group of peers.

All our Coaching assignments broadly follow the overall philosophy and methods of Marshall Goldsmith.